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The fluid handling and environmental markets look to Lutz for its leadership in the magentic drive pump industry. Use Finish Thompson pumps and recycling systems for all of your mild to corrosive chemical handling needs and zero leakage applications, including those found in chemical plants, bio-diesel and petrolyeum facilities, food and beverage industries, and biopharm and pharmaceutical plants.

Drum and Container Pumps
Lutz Drum Pump Sets
For Laboratory and Research Sector
For Non-flammable Liquids
For Hazardous Liquids
For AdBlue®/DEF
For Complete Drum Drainage
For Mixing and Pumping
For Viscous Liquids
For Hygienic Processes

Flow Meters
Turbine Wheel Flow Meter TR
Nutating Disc Flow Meter TS
Oval Gear Flow Meter HDO

Double Diaphragm Pumps
Model DMP 1/4"
Model DMP 3/8"
Model DMP 1/2"
Model DMP 1"
Model DMP 1 1/2"
Model DMP 2"
Model DMP 3"

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