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Leading the way in pumps innovations for decades, Flux Pumps are ideal for all of your mild to corrosive chemical handling needs and zero leakage applications, including those found in chemical plants, bio-diesel and petrolyeum facilities, food and beverage industries, and biopharm and pharmaceutical plants.

Type F 310
Type F 314

Barrel and Container Pumps
Type F 424
Type F 425
Type F 426
Type F 427
Type F 430

Eccentric Worm-Drive Pumps
Type F 550 S
Type F 55 GS

Sanitary Pumps
Type F 427 S
Type F 560 S
Type F 560 GS

Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pumps
Type F 620 S
Type F 620 S TR
Type F 640 PP: Size 15, 30, 15 Z, 30 Z
Type F 640 PP/PVDF: Size 185 and 230
Type F 640 - 30 TR
Type F 640 PP - 230 TR
Type F 706 PP
Type F 716 PP/PVDF
Type F 726 PP/PVDF

Air-operated Diaphragm Pumps
Type RFM
Type RFM 15
Type RFM 25
Type RFML 10
Type RFML 15
Type RFML 25
Type RFM 40

AdBlue / DEF Pump Systems
for barrels of 220 litres
for IBCs
for Tanks

Pump Kits
Acids and alkalis
Concentrated acids and alkalis
Petroleum products 
High fammability liquids
Universal applications
99,98% barrel emptying

Drive motors
Mixing shafts
Mixing blades
Sealing flanges

Liquid Meters
FMC 100
FMC 250

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