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Eaton manufactures a variety of automation and control products, including intelligent wiring solutions, programmable logic controllers, pushbuttons and stacklights, relays, sensors and motor control and protection.

Below is a sample listing of the Eaton products Delta carries: 

Power Conversion and Management Solutions 
Control Power Transformers
Power Supplies 

Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights and Selector Switches
Stacklights E26
SL7 and SL4 Stacklights 

Contactors, Starters, and Protective Relays 
Electromechanical Contactors and Starters 
Manual Motor Starters 
Enclosed Manual Motor Starters with HOA & Run Light 
Soft Starters 
Monitoring Relays 
Motor Protections Relays 
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Manual Motor Protection 

Enclosed Control Solutions 
IEC-Rated Enclosed Control 
NEMA-Rated Enclosed Control
Lighting Enclosed Control
Non-Combination Box 1 Enclosed Control
Soft-Starters Enclosed Control

Relays and Timers 
General Purpose Relays 
Timing Relays 
Solid State Relays 
Safety Relays 
Terminal Block relays XR Series 
NEMA Relays 
Alternating Relays D85 Series 
Sensing and Monitoring Relays 
EASY Intelligent Relays 
Monitoring Relays Motor Protection Relays 

Variable Frequency Drives 
OEM Drives  
HVAC Drives  
Industrial Drives  
Enclosed and Clean Power Solutions  
Drives Flex Center 
Drives Startup, Service and Aftermarket 
Legacy Drives 

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