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You’re a leading academic institution. You need cutting-edge systems that are dependable and reliable. 

Few organizations have as many moving pieces as a school or university. There’s a lot that goes into keeping a school operating efficiently, and with a wide range of products and repair services in the motor, pump, drive, and control industries, Delta is the partner of choice for your grounds and facilities.

We’ve worked with URI, Roger Williams, Bristol Community College, CCRI, Brown, Providence College, RI College, and others on many facility challenges, including:

Uncomfortable Facilities: Are buildings on campus not circulating heat properly, leaving students and faculty members full of complaints? Are your ball bearing motors noisy? Do your motors smoke and overheat? Is there too much stress on your mechanical systems? Let a Delta expert assess the situation and provide a cost-effective solution.

Emergency Assistance:
 Dealing with a breakdown? Call Delta for emergency service for any area in your facility – boiler room, dormitories, laundry rooms, school cafeteria, or anywhere in between! We’ll get your equipment back into service as soon as possible.

Equipment Upgrades: Is old equipment driving up energy costs and costing a fortune in repairs? It may be time to upgrade your facility’s ancient equipment to newer, more efficient systems. Our team can provide recommendations on which system upgrades are most critical and will have the greatest impact on your facility.

Let us assist your facility management team.

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