Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes! Our expert technicians are trained on a wide range of product makes and models. Even if you didn’t purchase your product from us, chances are we’ve repaired or customized one for someone else before!

  • Saving our clients money is a core value at Delta. For every job, we want to understand the problem, not just treat the symptoms. That’s why we take the time to learn about your processes and operations; more often than not, we have an approach that will make you more efficient and help you save money. 

    Take your cost savings to the next level by contacting our Energy Efficiency team, who can recommend ways to use greener energy that’s better for our environment and more cost efficient.

  • Yes! While we have full array of products available in our ecommerce store [link to ecommerce homepage], we are happy to help you figure out what product you need before you buy. There are many ways you can connect with us:

    • Contact Form

    • Phone: toll free 800-272-8350

    • Live chat: Monday – Friday. Just open the window in the bottom right corner of the page to get started.