About Us

Delta Electro Power is a proud family-owned business that has provided our nationwide clients with quality sales and services of industrial and commercial electric motors, pumps, controls, power transmissions and associated equipment for over 35 years.

Our 24/7/365 electric motor and pump repair facility services the New England region: Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA)

Beyond sales and repairs, we provide sustainable, cost-reducing solutions that drive maximum efficiency. By offering the most effective pumps, motors, controls and power transmissions in the industry, as well as access to innovative technicians, we help our clients operate at their best around the clock. We also service electric motor rewinds, laser alignments, and more.

Proven ROI

No matter the industry, Delta’s customized, energy-efficient solutions help clients save money and reduce system losses. Our Energy Efficiency Group works with strategic partners to reduce energy costs and maintenance budgets, increase product life cycles, and improve personnel productivity through more comfortable work environments. Delta's team will also advise you on how to maximize government and power supplier incentives, which provide money that goes directly towards your cost-saving projects.

When it comes to ROI, our savings projections are front-and-center with every project. Depending on the project, clients can expect to see these kinds of results with Delta's Energy Efficiency Group:

  • Project ROI within as little as 6 months - year
  • Annual energy savings of 200,000 kWh
  • Operating cost reduction of $200,000 or more over the expected lifetime of the equipment
  • Prescriptive incentives per project of up to $100,000
  • Reduced maintenance budgets by up to 50% through compressed air projects
  • Reduced energy costs by up to 35% through variable speed drive installations

Why not improve your company's bottom line with Delta's ROI-driven energy efficient solutions?

Solutions-Focused Approach

You can buy a new motor, pump, or control from anyone, but a true business partner will propose solutions that will help your business run more efficiently.

Delta takes the time to address your problem, not just treat the symptoms. Many companies can replace a broken pump or service a failing motor, but our dedicated team takes a systems-wide approach to help your business be at its best. We’re not in the business of selling products; we’re in the business of creating solutions.

Why trust your business to a quick-fix, when a solutions-focused approach is just a phone call away?

24/7/365 Commitment to Client Success

When you work with Delta, you partner with a team that is committed to your success, with emergency services available 24/7.

Trouble doesn’t wait for normal business hours. Our technicians are available all day, every day, ensuring that nothing is standing in the way of your success. Our clients find comfort in the reliable and exceptional service Delta offers in every repair job – whether it’s in-house or on-site.

Have an emergency? We’re available 24/7/365, so why wait ‘till morning to call?

Technical Know-How

Backed by decades of experience, our technicians get your job done the right way: safely, with a fast turnaround and exceptional attention to detail.

When you partner with Delta, you have technicians with decades of experience on your side. Our technicians know motors, pumps, and controls, but they also know that more minds are better than one. Our innovative team is at its best in our collaborative culture that is constantly learning better ways to do a familiar job. Delta’s technicians get your repair done the right way, every time.

When your repair really matters, why not go to the most experienced in the business?

Clients Are Family

Delta Electro Power is a proud family-owned business. We treat our clients like family, caring for their needs and providing the level of service that we would want to receive ourselves.

Family is at the core of Delta’s business. We are operated by all 8 of founder Anthony Rapoza Sr.’s sons: Jim, Tony, Mike, Steve, Tom, John, Paul and Ernie. That family feel carries into the way we conduct business and how we interact with our clients.

Clients often remark that Delta Electro Power makes them feel like family, and it’s true, because family is what makes the Delta business different.

Why be treated like a client when you could be treated like family?